Peeter Burgeik

Dismal science; happy art

Somewhere in a distant past I did not become the artist that I wanted to be. I had to strike a compromise that at the time was satisfactory. Until I got involved in a ‘freak’ accident that is (an oncoming car driver had fainted behind his wheel). After that crash life was difficult. I continued though and counted my blessings. After all, I had survived a very serious accident! I tried to stay happy.

I did not, however, succeed, because I could no longer remember, no longer recognise, no longer count and was continuously and completely exhausted. The people around me did not notice how I slipped into a depression. Depression is a strange sickness where you lose all feeling. Eventually, after a period of deep darkness, slowly some colour returned into my life: one day you see the sun shining again and you discover that that someone actually loves you. 

The good news is that recovery is possible even after a deep depression: the dismal events helped me to reach the sources of creativity and to rediscover my talents. This is my accidental source of happiness.